Best Solar Generators

People buy generators as backup power. However, it is time to use “Solar Electricity” to replace your backup power. It isn’t the thing of tomorrow. It is the red-hot backup electricity model of today. Even big companies like Google and Tesla are betting on it. If you have a solar generator, you don’t need to worry regarding the fuel storage or future expenses. Since it can be recharged directly from the sun. In a way, if we say it is a personal power system that provides unlimited power during emergencies, without burning the holes in your wallet, it would be 100% correct. Investing in a solar generator is like investing for a lifetime power.

A solar generator works in an immensely straightforward manner. It uses the sun’s energy to create electricity. That’s it! For that reason, its need in today’s world is unavoidable. Indeed this new portable, solar generator technology is quite popular in all survival lists.

People from all walks of life keep these generators in their survival list to deal with all the emergency situations. They comprehend that if they have a generator that requires no fuel, and can run for hours, they can stay connected to the world. They can run their appliances or store their food for months. Solar generators aren’t just for the homeowners. If you are an outdoor person or have an RV, you can count on it and relish holidays with your family.

Now, allow us to explain some advantages and disadvantages of solar generators…

Advantages of Solar Generators

  • They are generally immensely high in their wattage capacity. One can have more than one battery inside them to increase the overall power storage too.
  • With a solar generator, you can not only power the essentials of your home, but also mid-range appliance. From TV to computers, it can power many appliances.
  • Unlike most other generators, you can keep running home appliances for very long periods of time without any trouble. And, they feature many AC outlets too.
  • Most other models that run on fossil fuels such as gasoline and propane are quite noisy. But, the solar ones are greener and don’t produce noises like others.
  • Other generators emit dangerous carbon dioxide and other gases into the air. That’s why it is imperative to install or keep them outside them home. However, this isn’t the case with solar ones. They are silent and have zero emissions.
  • Therefore, if you have a solar generator inside a home, you can plug devices directly into it. There is no need to get extra long plug extensions.
  • Luckily, now solar generators are portable too, and they are quite popular among adventurers and homeowners because they are quite economical too.
  • Though portable solar generators have a lower wattage than backup generators, but they still can run all the basic appliances quite comfortably.
  • Portable solar generators can usually be paired with other solar generators in order to produce extra power while keeping portability intact.
  • Do you know, you can charge a portable solar generator via AC outlet or even with a car adapter? Yes, it is true. This is one of the most effective ways to recharge its battery if you want to keep it ready for the next day use.
  • Just like all other generators, solar generators have their own kits too which are usually sold separately – like solar panels, charge controllers, wheel kits, bags, etc.

Disadvantages of Solar Generators

  • If you’d opt for a backup solar generator, it would be quite heavy; just like a standby generator. But, this won’t be an issue with portable ones, as they’re lightweight.
  • In case you don’t want to opt for backup models, in order to save money, the best option you have are the portable ones. However, they won’t produce as much power as backup solar generators. But, they’d still produce enough power to fulfill all basic needs.
  • If some solar generator has small solar panels, it will take a long time to recharge. Therefore, it is better to purchase bigger panels; more than one, if it’s possible.

In general, in almost all situations, even in the worst emergencies (earthquakes or storms), a solar generator is the best friend. Since, in the natural disaster areas, it is often tough to get fuel. But, if you have a solar generator, you don’t need to worry about fuel, as it generates its own fuel through panels and provides power for years. That’s why it is known as one-time investment. Once you buy it, you are free from all the power outage worries.

Below is a list of the best solar generators in the market…

Renogy Phoenix

If you are heading out camping, or even thinking about taking your RV for a spin, you might want to consider purchasing a portable generator. A portable generator will ensure that you can power up all the items and equipment you might need on your camping trip. There are a variety of portable generators available on the market from gas-powered generators to battery powered generators. Today, we are looking at the Renogy Phoenix portable generator. How does it compare to other options on the market?

Looks Aren’t Everything, But They Help

We think that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better looking portable generator on the market. The Renogy Phoenix is incredibly aesthetically pleasing and looks like a futuristic suitcase with neon blue slits around an engraved X that matches the overall shape of the generator. You can carry it like a suitcase too, it even has a handle, and since the case only weighs 12 pounds, it is certainly one of the lightest available to purchase.

Once you open up the case, you will see that it comes fully equipped for solar panel charging but you can also charge the case with AC power or even using your car battery.

How Long Does It Take To Charge?

It all depends on how you are charging the generator. If you are using the built-in solar panel, you can charge 100 Watts in just 2.5 hours. On a charge like this, you will be able to power your iPhone, iPad, Kindle or virtually any other medium-sized tech device. As such, you won’t have to wait for long before you will be able to check your messages or finish that important document.

Who’s It Suited For?

People looking for a generator to power a full RV may have to look elsewhere as this certainly won’t do the trick. Though, you could upgrade the battery and gain a little more power for this type of capability. The generator is also not an ideal long-term solution for a loss of power at home.

That said, anyone going on a weekend trip away could certainly benefit from this piece of equipment since it is so light, it could even be taken backpacking without too much effort. At the very least, it will easily fit into the back of your car. It’s a handy little piece of equipment, perfect for camping getaways.

Final Verdict

If you are heading out on a camping trip, you might want to consider purchasing one of these as a helpful way to keep all your tech charged. It is certainly not a replacement for a true power source. That said, it will keep your camera charged to make sure that you can take breathtaking pictures or even power your phone in an emergency.

We are also particularly fond of the solar power capabilities that certainly put this generator leagues above some of the other options on the market.

To summarize, it’s a great little piece of gear with a solid build that will serve you well out in the wilderness.

Goal Zero Yeti 1250

Are you thinking about purchasing a portable generator? Portable generators are useful because they can provide power during an outage, lighting your home and even ensuring you have a source of entertainment until the power comes back on. As well as this, these generators can be used to power everything from a portable stove camping to a full-size RV. There are a variety of portable generators on the market, and we’ve recently checked out the Goal Zero Yeti 1250. How does it measure up?

Need To Know Specs

Well, the 1250Wh lead-acid battery generator is very powerful and can supply up to 10 devices at once. If you’re traveling with family, that means that kids won’t be fighting over who gets to charge their laptop or phone. As well as this, the generator also has a number of ports including USBs and 12Vs. This means that you can power everything from phones to tablets and even drones. If you are using it as a backup power system, you’ll even be able to power everything in your home.

Since it doesn’t run on gas, you can chain batteries to ensure that it lasts for a lot longer and doesn’t run out at inopportune moments.

Initial Impression

The generator has a contemporary design, and this means it can be stored anywhere in your home without looking out of place. The cuboid shape does a good job of hiding everything important in a solid metal case. This ensures that the generator also runs quite quietly. You certainly won’t be kept up all night if you use this outside camping.

It’s not that heavy either, weighing just 103 pounds. This means that it’s fairly easy to carry, but if you don’t fancy lifting it you’ll be pleased to know it can be moved around like a long distance suitcase. With wheels on the bottom and a long handle that can be extended, you can easily move it around.

Unique Features

One of the best things about this portable power station is that it is completely green. You can charge it up with an AC or a solar panel. You have to buy the solar panel separately, but it’s well worth it because that means you can actually charge the thing on the go. This is perfect for camping.

What Can I Charge?

Running for a maximum of eighteen hours, you can power anything including your home after a power outage. Be aware though that the initial set up may not be strong enough for certain devices. For more powerful pieces of equipment, you’re going to need to chain batteries. But the device is built for this capability.

Should You Buy One?

Overall we were very impressed with this power generator. It is certainly a brilliant alternative to the typical gas fuel varieties. While the cost is expensive, this will keep your home, or your RV lit up, heated and can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. It also purrs like a soft kitten, so you don’t need to worry about noise pollution.

Inergy Kodiak

Having a huge battery bank is fantastic for camping trips and general outdoor adventures where you’re in need of a constant power source. Gone are the days of small battery banks or even carrying around several stacks of disposable batteries, because now we’re able to purchase power banks and solar generators that can store a whopping 1.1kWh of power to use for everything from powering laptops to charging phones and even just cooling your drinks on a hot summer’s day.

Inergy Kodiak Technical Specs

Let’s take a look at the specs of the Inergy Kodiak 1100 Watt.

  • Battery Capacity 1500-watt (1.1kWh Capacity)
  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • Watts per pound – 55
  • Dimensions – 14″W x 7″H x 8″D
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter Outputs (watts) – 1500 watts
  • 7 AC Outputs
  • 4 USB Outputs
  • 12 VDC Outputs
  • Minimum Charge Time – 2 hours in optimal conditions
  • Warranty 1 Year

The Inergy Kodiak weighs a lot less than most other portable solar generators on the market, yet it still has plenty of power packed in its relatively small and light frame. The whopping 7 AC outputs and 4 USB outputs make it fantastic for general family usage. Everyone will be able to make use of the Inergy Kodiak and thanks to the huge 1.1kWh capacity and 10 years of life expectancy, you’re going to get a lot of use out of this powerful generator and power bank.

Extend the life of your Kodiak with modular components

To extend the life of the Kodiak, you can also add more batteries to it and improve its lifetime and performance. It’s possible to connect more panels to it in order to charge it faster, so there’s plenty of customization to be had with the Kodiak. Its modular nature makes it a great choice over the competition.

Portable and flexible for everyone’s needs

One of the best features about the Kodiak is that it only weighs 20 lbs and it fits into a small package. This makes it ideal for campers or any general outdoor use. It will easily fit into the back of a car and the carry strap makes it easy for you to fling over your shoulder so you can take it wherever you need it. You’ll be surprised at how portable this little beast of a power bank is and the punch it packs is nothing to ignore.

Final verdict

For anyone that’s looking for a portable solar generator and power bank, the Inergy Kodiak is one of the best on the market. Its 2000-cycle lifetime, the lightweight and small size of the generator and the expandability make the Kodiak one of the best choices around. The combination of features, power and lifetime ensures that it will not be beaten for a long time.

Suaoki S270

It is a portable generator by SUAOKI, which is charged by DC input and solar panels. I love this generator because of many reasons. First, it comes with 2 100V/110V AC outlets and 2 DC outlets. Besides, it has an extra cigarette socket cable too. Second, it is one of the greatest travel companions for outdoor enthusiasts. It provides immense power, but at the same time, it is quite lightweight compared to other solar generators. It is an utterly gas free generator with a pure sine wave output. One can easily power up lots of electrical equipment for many hours. According to its users, it has a huge capacity battery with three ways of charging. No need to be worried regarding running even mid-range appliances.

  • The dimensions of Suaoki 220Wh/20,000mAh are 9.8 X 6.3 X 3.4 inches.
  • The total item weight is around 5.5 pounds only.
  • Through pure sine wave technology, you have cleaner current in your hands.
  • You can run even sensitive equipment like smartphones, tablets, & mini refrigerators.
  • It can be quickly refueled from home wall outlet too.


This generator really ROCKS!!! I have personally seen it, and it is a lot smaller than it actually looks in the picture, which is great in a way. This feature makes it a lot more portable and a perfect addition in RV. Just make sure to use the ‘conservation mode’ of it if you want to make it work like a charm. It will maximize its potential even more. The only con I found in this generator while talking to its buyers, it takes a tad more time than another solar generator in charging. But, other than that, this PAXCESS 100-Watt generator is great. You can use it as a backup power in your home too for lights, cell phones, and fans.

  • The dimensions of this product are 6.5 X 3.1 X 6.9 inches.
  • It weighs around 3.3 pounds only.
  • It can be charged by wall adapter, car adapter, and solar panels.
  • Just make sure it shouldn’t exceed 100W through AC device. Otherwise, it will automatically switch to the DC output to protect itself.
  • Battery Management System (BMS) protects you & your devices.

Kalisaya KP601

Kalisaya is a well-known company! When it comes portable solar generators, it wins the race.  This Kalisaya KP601 558 watt portable generator is great and easy to use. If it is in my hands, I’ll flood it with A++ ratings. Since, I’m surprised and impressed with its overall quality, specifications, and features. First, it has tons of power. If you are looking for efficient and an effective power source, it is this one. It has high capacity, long life, and lithium-ion cells. It can charge an average iPhone 93 times almost rather easily. Furthermore, through Bluetooth transmitter and KaliAPP help, you can keep a sharp eye on the energy consumption. It is immensely helpful when you are on a great adventure.

  • The dimensions of Kalisaya KP601 558 watt are 6.7 X 13.5 X 13.5 inches.
  • It weighs around 14.3 pounds, which is quite great as it provides extraordinary power.
  • It comes with mini power kit – AC/DC wall charger, 40W solar panel, and etc.
  • 4X USB ultrafast charge ports that charge up four devices simultaneously.
  • There is remote system monitoring and control via iOS and Android app.
  • The only con I found in this product is it is not eligible for international shipping.

Concluding Thoughts

It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing for a worse hurricane or planning to relish a thrilling outdoor adventure. In all scenarios, a portable solar generator is a winner. You can run all the necessary things in your home, even if there is a life-threatening situation and no fuel in town. All these three generators don’t take too much space and can be set up rather quickly. You don’t need special technical skills to operate them too… So, get them & charge them! We have covered all the small details regarding solar generators. All you need is to figure out which one of these suits your needs. They’ll always be charged up & ready to go.